At our store located in via delle Nazioni Unite 16/1 in Carpi, in the province of Modena, you can find Parmigiano Reggiano of our production with a maximum maturation of 13 months from the table, aged 22 months, extra-aged 30 months and finally an extra- 40 months old, ideal for both tasting and grating.

You will also find dairy products, such as ricotta, caciotta, stracchino, mascarpone, tosone, yogurt, panna cotta, etc. All of our production.

You will also find typical cured meats (ham, salami, coppa, etc), Lambrusco, Traditional Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, fresh pasta, tigelle, eggs, milk, honey ..

Please note: The availability of the various products may vary according to seasoning and stock availability.

Caciotta primo sale: fresh cheese also available in a version with chilli or chives. Soft cheese. Sold in variable…

Fresh cheese, compared to the traditional one, today is obtained from fresh whole wheels of a few days.

Long-life milk of Emilian and Mantuan areas production. It is available in whole and partially skimmed versions.

Tortelli with pumpkin, ricotta and spinach, or potatoes and radicchio, tortellini with ham, lasagna.

Pasta: green tortelli with herbs, pack. gr. 250, typical Reggiano cappelletti with overcooked meat…

Typical Emilian Tigelle (crescentine), handcrafted product in packs of 200 gr. from 8 pieces ….